Use the bell of the stethoscope and apply light pressure at the apical impulse. The idea behind making the drug available OTC means men will be directed to appropriate healthcare who may otherwise not seek help from the system.

Leadership for the 21st Century

Understand Our Cause. Of course we stand for non violence and action. Subsequently, we need help in this fight for Chicano and La Raza Rights because Living conditions has made life difficult for Raza. And we have no organizations to fight for our Civil Rights. And if we do not organize, things will get worse for thousands of our people. Today, we have too few leaders who are willing to put their name forward to stop the rise of prejudice and oppression. Consequently, Cities and States have become partners in federal racketeering and falsely arresting children, youth, and adults. And massive traffic ticketing and courts make it impossible to defend yourself. Politicians have sided with the police state for the under-privilage. Already, one million Raza are incarcerated in Juvenile Halls, Jails. Mental Institutions, and Federal and State Prisons in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Schools have become programming centers to defeat or numb the minds of students. Half of the students cannot read or carry a conversation. ( Europe is far more advanced in reading and in talking skills education) And too many men and women have been put on meds for mental illness or mental dis-unity due to lack of identity. We fight to save lives before they are taken. We fight to give youth a positive and Cultural education. We fight and struggle to Empower the community to build a power base for our survival. Yes, we are the only group that has the movement technology as we have been very successful in the past. Please do look the other way, and back up your community.Viva La Raza! David Sanchez Ph.D. Brown Beret National Party and Teacher.