The first issue was to get organized. David Sanchez was granted rent money to open a coffee house in East Los Angeles. He was also able to convert young civic groups to become the Brown Berets. Thus as founder of Brown Berets, he could bring attention to bad living conditions.

Ralph Ramirez also assisted David Sanchez and Ralph became Minister of Discipline. Education was the first issue. Then, the Brown Berets walked out the first high schools. Without this action, there would have been no walkouts. It was this action that sparked the Chicano Movement.

The next issue was the War in Vietnam. On December 17, 1969, David Sanchez became the first Chair and creator of The Chicano Moratorium Committee which organized the first mass protest in East Los Angeles at Obregon Park to oppose the war in Vietnam. (an estimated 7,000 Chicanos died in Vietnam.)

On August 29, 1970, another mass protest was organized to stop the war which left Salazar and two more people dead and many injured and hundreds arrested as the police began to confront demonstrators with brutal force.

On January 31, 1971, another mass demonstration to protest Ruben Salazar’s death at the previous Chicano Moratorium. This resulted in a riot with 35 wounded and one dead resulting from police gunfire which was directed at the crowd on the corner of Arizona Ave. And Whittier Blvd. –

May 5, 1971, The Chicano Moratorium Committee and the Brown Berets organized a three month march from Calexico to Sacramento to protest at the state capitol for prison reform, for more Chicano Studies classes, and better state services. This march was called La Marcha de la Reconquista. At the end of this march, the Brown Berets organized a car caravan called La Caravana de la Reconquista which went to 80 barrios in the U.S. to organize Brown Beret groups (read Expedition Through Aztlan).

— On August 30th, 1972, 26 Brown Berets occupied Catalina Island for 27 days to protest racism and problems facing the Mexican American community, and to bring attention to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which granted rights for Mexican Americans. –

In 1978 Dr. David Sanchez earned his Ph.D. and taught Chicano Studies for 13 years. The Brown Berets was recommissioned in 1992 by Dr. David Sanchez to stop an epidemic of violence in the Southwest.