All I can say is wow, I can’t believe this stuff works! Once a crack is initiated, it propagates easily along the of the caves of Barabar.


The objective is to Promote Respect. Educate the people
Raise Consciousness
And raise the level of Communication

As leaders towards tomorrow, we must have fair and effective communication with associates, with the community, and with society. The Chicano movement is far from reaching its full strength. And so many problems have developed with inexperienced Brown Berets, that make careless statements that cause more damage than good. On two occasions, a few so called Brown Berets (not to mention any names), have started rumor campaigns which put the movement back five years. Much of this bad communication comes from Spain in which they taught the Native Indians to disrespect each other. For example, they taught La Raza India bad words like cabron and pinche.

Instead, we have to teach Raza respectful language. And to learn how to talk good about people. Bad communication also comes from egotistical leadership where everyone wants to be the boss. That is why, we have team work and cooperative regimented communication where the mission comes first. Its also good to talk to people before making a decision.

Our communication, of course and our words must be elaborate. Its also important to teach people how to hold a conversation on the importance of the Chicano Mexican American Movement. Practice in words to attack the issue and not each other. Sometimes, our Group, the Brown Beret National Party must be careful to not allow problem people in the organization at all. The wrong people can cause problems. We do not need problems.

I wrote a book, Titled, Social Communication for Everyone. By Dr. David Sanchez. This book took 13 years to write. It was written to identify how people cause problems by saying the wrong things in social movements. So often, people create Roadblocks instead of creating Bridges. The other book which was written is Expedition Through Aztlan which took me 6 years to write. This books talks about how dangerous it was to travel in the southwest because bad talkers and bad people were behind every bush.

However, there are also good people who side with the Chicano and Mexican American cause. Nonetheless, there are also good people from civilized society who are worthy of holding a good conversation. And also, our issues need to be talked about. And for all to understand our demand for justice. David Sanchez, Doctor in Communications. Founder and Prime Minister of the Brown Berets