The Blood Code
Of a Cosmic Warrior

I stand as the great pyramids of the Olmec, Toltec, Aztec and Mayan civilizations did – an aberration and anomaly in defiance of rational explanation. I am a mestizo from the Southwestern region of the United States. The Story I am about to tell is intended for other Children of the Sun but can be revealing and insightful for anyone that can communicate with their heart. I am a well educated man, fully cognizant of my role in the universe, the earth, the nation and in my community. In the course of my spiritual awakening, I have discovered that my greatest obstacles have been founded upon my need to overcome the teachings and values of the society in which I live.

My very first recollection of the spiritual grandeur that is the legacy of my forefathers was given to me through the eyes of an outsider. As a young and impressionable child in Elementary School, I was shocked and in fear of the savagery of these wild Indians that engaged in blood rites and sacrifice of the human heart. I too felt grateful for living in the comfort and security of my society. I did not know at the time that in my blood ran the teachings of my forefathers, encoded into the time release capsules of my DNA and would be self-activated when the energy of the universe itself was aligned to its purpose. However, the fact that I have carried this wisdom with me throughout my life certainly goes a long way toward explaining why I have always been treated and considered as a second class citizen in my own land.

Like all other Children of the Sun, I have always had access to the wisdom of my forefathers within me and those very same values that I carried inside have often placed me in direct opposition to the teachings with which we were being indoctrinated by our school system. This dichotomy of human values has always manifested itself in a struggle for identity. In the process of having to deal with this struggle, I have been relegated to second class citizenship and cultural inferiority. Hear me now, for I have emerged with the light in my eyes and the passion of the Sun in my Heart!

In Lak‘ech

The Living Code of the Heart