CHICANO POWER EXPLAINED. With unity and mass direction, a second movement is on the rise. The people will gain many benefits in education and with better jobs plus power to warrant off the injustice by police and the courts. Providing that RAZA get united. Providing that they create a power base that they work as one group to attain justice. Providing that the vanguard get’s united. For years, the invaders have forced the white world view upon us. As if, invaders have landed to control our thinking. For example, at many Chicano Studies conferences, conservative scholars and even politicians have been the chief opposition. They have done everything to erase the Brown Berets from History to oppose militancy.

The conservative scholars are trying to water down Chicano Studies and are opposed to strong Chicano Leadership. Consequently, Chicano Studies has been watered down. Today we are fighting so that the True history be recorded. Positively, we now have millions of votes, and that is why the system is in great fear of our community. The other problem is lack of heart from Chicano leaders. Some even wear the Brown Berets but are often just living off of the reputation that came from the long years of fighting. Instead, most people should follow our group with many years of experience.

The Brown Beret National Party learned about non violence and to not get stuck in the courts. Furthermore, a new Chicano movement will impact to assist millions. Today, Chicano/Mexican Americans and people of Mexican decent consist of millions. That is power, of which, we need to organize our back yard first. Mexican American issues first. And we have to talk to people to understand that a new Movement will benefit all of La Raza. It will stop discrimination, create good jobs, stimulate positive mental health, and create justice in the courts. There of, broad support needs to be developed. Viva La Raza!

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