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The national objective is to launch campaigns and movements to save lives, careers, and advance our people to a higher level: spiritually, intellectually, and culturally. Today, we must continue our efforts to expand operations.

1. The movement to get people to vote.

2. The movement to bring jobs to the poor. (before, there were many poverty programs and jobs)

3. The movement to Stop Deportations of Women and Children.

4. The movement to keep students in school. And Stop them from dropping out.

5. The educational movement to get the community to communicate at a higher level and to teach talking skills.

6. The movement to stop violence and conflicts in the barrio. Stop school violence.

7. The movement to demand that all policemen take Psychological test to lower the use of firearms.

8. The movement to promote brown entertainment and to get raza hired in the movie industry.

9. And the movement to bring forward the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to focus on rights and to bring attention to the poor conditions in our community.