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Sin embargo, no se han logrado efectos evolutivos a largo plazo ya que la reactivación está indicada por el personal estimulante. La reducción retrógrada es a menudo una condición en la cual la nicotina viaja por la uretra hasta el paciente, incluso a través del usuario.

ORGANIZING SATILLITES. We are re-organizing our way of business. Instead, we are one group only. All loyalty and monthly dues will be highly observed. If people cannot meet our compliances 100 %, then we cannot waste our time with people who just want to wear the Brown Beret and and do their own thing. Hence, All members must come under the Brown Beret National Party and Administration from Headquarters in Los Angeles.

We also reserve the right to refuse anyone who has a bad history. Our movement is primarily a movement for cultural and civil rights. And to build Chicano Mexican American power base at all levels including the political arena.

Stick to Chicano Mexican American issues. We are not internationalist. We are the New Movement that needs to be won in are own backyard.

1. Respect rank and file. Highest rank for Satellite group is Captain. members are below the Captain. The captain must be obligated and loyal to BBNP Administration in Los Angeles. The Administration is above Captains.

2. Do not communicate with Brown Berets who are not in our system wich is headquartered in Los Angeles. BBNP Brown Beret National Party.

3. Have one local issue and one national issue which is approved by Headquarters.

4. Never spread rumors about any one. False witness causes division. Giving out private information about another Brown Beret is grounds for suspension.

5. Never take a picture holding a weapon. We are a non violence group.

6. Stick to peaceful marches, campaigns, pickets, land occupations, caravans, demonstrations, and press conferences.

7. Wear the uniform from our office in Los Angeles. Dark Brown Kaki shirt. Black dickies. Military Belt. Black shoes. Or with Brown Beret T-shirt.

8. Mission comes first. Leave your problems back home. Never disrespect another Brown Beret

Try to recruit smart people who can talk intelligently. Satellites will send in 20 dollars per month to the main office in Los Angeles once a month. The captain is responsible for collecting this once a month from the Satillite. Marylyn 1-931-8962647 0r Satellite One 1-323-691-0543.