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Where Are We Going

THE OBJECTIVE is to organize a power group that can have influence over society and to promote our own society of activist and thinkers. Henceforth and over many years, the Chicano Mexican Americans society has been weakened by non caring folks who only care about themselves. Therefore, this thinking has only created a defusing of our power base.

Instead, our community only has a voice when it is organized. The schools, medical and social services, high rents, and jails are just out to make money for the establishment and for a few. Meanwhile, our community faces much oppression resulting from a lack of power groups.

The objective is to educate the people on the importance of serving the Brown Beret National Party. All other groups have failed to mobilize the people. The objective is to organize the people. Make them mission first minded. And for the people to forget about their problems in order to engage the system. The object is to support the Raza Psychologically to make them stronger. And it is a fact that to have a foundation in Chicano Studies and knowing your history, will make you stronger.

Stop the insanity. Lead La Raza to a positive way of life. The objective is to re-socialize La Raza to be more social and support our organization. The objective to to make our community stronger politically. Get people to vote, and vote out the conservative ghost politicians. They are not our representatives. Quote by D. Sanchez, “The Chicano Mexican American is the lasting wind of our struggle for Justice, for Chicano Education, for Land, for Good Jobs, and for Freedom. For too long, we have been treated like second class citizens by the establishments schools, in jobs, and by the police.

Ya Basta, we can no longer afford to be first fired and last hired. No longer can we afford to be indifferent and deny our friends who are in struggle and who oppose the Establishment. Support the Brown Beret National Party”.