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Forumophilia - 15 Years Online! Toggle. There are posts with ballbusting tag. Topic: Enjoy by abusing and using men for the women pleasure! You've made some very bad choices and each one led ballbusting forums here to my room. I like to collect debts in this room. But you're past the point of paying cash. You're going to have to pay with your life. Not right away, of course. First you're going to pay with your dignity. Topic: Time to answer disobedient boys came femdom,torture,bondage. Format : mp4 File Size : Topic: Hot Femdom Video Thread!!! All inclusive!

Milked Like An Animal It may be milking day for Mistress Giselle's slave but that doesn't mean it's going to be entirely pleasurable The baseball bitches part 1 Mb x mp4 With his tiny balls suspended and tied, this is going to be a fun target for our baseball bats. Mistress Dea Dhelia and I, Fetish Liza take turns on smacking his nuts with accurate blows to his nuts. They swell up and turn a beautiful shade of red. We love seeing him in pain and busting his balls!

Then we untie him for even more suffering with the bats and various other implements until his balls are broken and fiery red! There is no escape from the baseball bitches. You have an upward view of the slave leaning over a discipline bench, you hear the rapid steps of stilettos on the floor and then Miss Xi's leg comes quickly into view and up between the slaves legs, landing squarely on his nuts.

As the slave buckles to the floor Xi ballbusting forums and looks to the camera, explaining there is no better way to break in a pair of new shoes than by using them to bust a slaves nuts. She kicks the slaves from front and back and digs her stiletto into his balls, and even knees him repeatedly before making him carry her on his back like a pony to the stairs where she sits down and makes him stand in front of her.

There she delivers even more kicks until she is worn out and tells him to crawl up the steps to the bedroom Over 75 hard kicks to his battered testicles. Topic: Extreme Brutal Femdom : Brutal cock and ball torture. No More Manhood Mb x mp4 Mistress Kleio uses every weapon of cock and ball destruction in her arsenal of toys to make her slave scream out in agony. The more he cries out for mercy, the more Kleio gets off on his tears of pain.

Who's My little Ballbusted Bitch? In this scene she has her slave ballbusting forums in front of her prepared to have his balls destroyed. She then delivers one solid flat kick with her big stiletto ballbusting forums to the bottom of his nuts causing him to bend over in agony. She then holds his collar and lands a series of kicks that cause him to turn green. She asks him how much it hurts and he says "About 7" so she kicks him harder until he looks like he might get sick. The slave already looks done and we're only 90 seconds in. Miss Xi loves ballbusting though and she has no problem testing him to the limit for another five and a half minutes.

A lot of ball kicking and punching too and Miss Xi loves every second of it. After a final grand kick she tells the slave to crawl out of the room or she'll keep kicking him. He pulls himself up off the floor and he for the hills. See all our ballbusting clips HERE. They both have fun kicking the slaves nuts as he whimpers. Find our at the top of the site if you are a slave in the Philadelphia area that can handle a Hard Ballbusting!

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Ballbusting forums

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