Cane spanking

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Recently, tipsy and floaty from a recent beating and several quarts of proseccoZero soliloquised to me at length about how much she loved being hit with a cane. Many people would agree with her on this. Canes are super popular on the BDSM cane spanking, and have a whole host of advantages: they make a cool swishing noise, leave great-looking marks, and are fun to use. They are, however, available in a quite a range of types. It can be kind of tricky to find a good cane retailer.

Personally, I recommend Bondarawho have a great range of good-quality hitting sticks.

Cane spanking

Cane spanking are a whole bunch of different canes available, but they fall broadly into two camps: natural and synthetic. Natural canes are usually made from some kind of wood, while synthetic canes might be made from nylon, delrin, metal, or plastic. Wooden canes feel authentic, look authentic, and have a history to them that, for some people, makes them the only choice. Synthetic canes are way more versatile though. You get a broader range of sensations, and while they might not look as nice, they are tougher, easier to care for, and pack more of a punch.

Your mileage may vary, but for me synthetic canes are the biz. Usually whoever is being caned will have a preference out of these two types of pain, and that preference will in turn determine the cane that suits them best.

Which canes produce which sensations? Essentially, thicker canes will produce heavier, thuddier sensations and thinner ones more cane spanking, whippy sensations. But the material a cane is made out of also plays a role. The canes listed below are all one variety or another of the rattan plant. You might also hear people talking about bamboo canes. Bamboo is brittle, and will probably split into a bunch of sharp, jagged pieces if you try and use it to beat someone.

Synthetic canes vary wildly. Different thicknesses of each of the below materials will provide different sensations. Take the notes here as a guide to the basic properties of the material, not to any individual cane made with that material. Electro canes are usually either made from a lightweight conductive material like carbon-fibre, or made from wood with metal wires running throughout.

The point of that metalwork is to conduct electricity. As the name suggests, you can sometimes find canes made from metal. Either is good fun to play with, although they can also do a lot of damage. Use with caution. Canes — especially natural ones — do need a little bit of looking after if you want them to last. You can use antibacterial wipes or bleach to achieve a thorough clean, and thus render your synthetic cane safe for use with several cane spanking people. It will have absorbed anything infectious that they have, and could spread it if you use it with others.

In each scenario cleaning can be done with soap and water between each use. Transporting canes to and from the places where you want to deliver your severe beatings can be tricky. As far as storing goes, you can do more or less what you like with synthetic canes. Firstly, they are moist. Even when dry to the touch, there is some moisture in the fibres of most natural canes. The best way to prevent this is to hang your canes up. Many canes come with a small eyelet in the grip, or a leather thong for exactly this purpose.

By dangling them from a hook you ensure that gravity will work in your favour and keep them from bending. Storing your canes lying flat also sort of works.

Cane spanking

You can usually gently straighten them back out after a soaking more on that below. Natural canes lose moisture over time — particularly if you clean them between each use. To avoid this, soak your canes every so often I do mine every six months. Do this by hanging them up overnight with the tip of the business end submerged in water.

Cane spanking

The cane will soak up the moisture overnight and become more supple and springy. You can also use oil for this. Some people also steam their canes — this is another way of insuring that they stay cane spanking. The easiest way to do this is to hang them up in the bathroom and run the shower on hot for 20 minutes or so. Leave them in the resultant steamy cave for an hour, then dry them down and return them to storage. Keep an eye out for cracks or splinters, and discard the cane if you find any. Most synthetic canes last for ages. Hold the grip. Hit them with the other end. Canes are usually quite long as implements go, though, so it pays to get your aim in.

Low risk areas include:. You can create a whole bunch of different sensations with a cane, depending on how you hit someone with it. Bounce it off their skin for a lighter, stingier sensation, or just whale on them if you want something thuddy and heavy. As does interspersing a series of light taps with a severe slash. Find what makes them regret their life choices, then do that. When you hit someone with a cane, the tip of the cane is moving real fast. If the middle part of the cane hits their arse before the tip, the tip will keep moving, wrapping around and smacking them on the hip.

To prevent this from happening, aim to land the tip of the cane squarely on the fleshy part of the buttock. Most traditional canings leave the bottom with a series of parallel marks, like train tracks. These look fun and distinctive, and have the added advantage of not criss-crossing cane strikes. With natural canes in particular swooshing your cane through the air will weaken it, and eventually make it more likely to break. Cane spanking you want to avoid this, avoid swooshing your cane… or get a synthetic one already.

Cane spanking

Enjoyed reading? Found this useful? If so, please consider supporting Lascivity via Ko-Fi. Donating the cost of a cup of coffee will allow us to keep on maintaining this free resource, and create lots more! Beautiful read, almost made call my lady friend immediately to request a taste of the canes i have purchased for cane spanking use. She has become very insistent on my accepting 20 to 30 from each one she chooses.

And following the order she chooses. The delrin is, to my delicate skin, the only one that is almost unbearable. Stop fighting it. Just submit to what i know you need. Glad it can bring you such pleasure… and, yes, delrin is my choice too. Give it a minute to take effect, then whack them with the cane.

Thats a great read, but I see alot of oak, birch, and other wood canes on etsy. After reading several articles, noone has mentiond anything other than the rattan family of wood for natural canes. How do other woods compare? Do they require similare treatment? Good question. They would need to be cleaned after use, though you can find instructions for cleaning wooden toys here.

Cane spanking

Natural vs Synthetic Canes There are a whole bunch of different canes available, but they fall broadly into two camps: natural and synthetic.

Cane spanking

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