Dentist erotica

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I was the last appointment. She was doing a root canal on me, and was waiting for the numbness to take effect, when she told me she had gotten engaged. We had flirted since my first check up, a year ago. Sondra was about thirty, and not that long out of dental school. She was still excited about teeth, fixing teeth, cleaning teeth, the whole thing. Her enthusiasm was infectious. So was her personality. For the first visit she had her mask on most of the time. But her eyes were twinkling and she was joking around with me. She slapped me on the shoulder.

And she stuck her tool in a gap between my teeth and yanked hard. She was flirting with me and I was flirting with her. Dentist erotica was dating a plastic surgeon, she already told me. How can you compete against a plastic surgeon? She slapped me again. The hygienist laughed. We all were having a good time.

It was when she took her mask off at the end of the appointment that my heart jumped. She was gorgeous. She was attempting to place me in a friend box. Yet, she seemed tempted to pull me right out again. I guessed Dr. Jay was the plastic surgeon. And she was off. Now I was thinking a lot about that comment, as I sat there listening to her wedding plans, looking at her huge engagement ring. Jeez, these people had money. The ring looked like it weighed a ton. They were elegant, long, and a beautiful shade of bright red.

Four hundred dollar heels. She was so out of my league. But then again, she had made that comment. Oh what the hell. It was worth a shot. But I remembered dentist erotica face. She had luscious red lips, the same shade as those fingernails. I remembered. Jay, I can tell that. So you might as well bid your sexual freedom goodbye with one last go at dentist erotica with a near stranger. After about two years you and your partner will become very accustomed to each other.

The hygienist gave me the shot. Then, to my surprise, Dr. Sondra dismissed her. Nor had I. My imagination started running away with itself. Nahhh, I told myself. Miraculous wonderful things like that. Joyce was the receptionist. Now I was really getting hopeful. She had dismissed the whole staff. Was going to fuck me, right there on the chair.

This seemed highly unorthodox. A dentist commanding a patient to be a man and take it. The whole thing was starting to feel very odd indeed. I took it. She was testing me. She stuck the vacuum thingie in my mouth. I spit up some of the fluid that accumulated. I prescribe you one last fling as an inoculation against any future indiscretions or misadventures.

She looked at me. I saw her make a big decision. I was very glad to see that in her eyes. That look in her eyes was, Oh what the hell! She took off her mask and let her hair down extravagantly. She was really hamming it up, trying to make me excited with her long locks of brown wavy hair now framing her cute face so elegantly. She knew exactly where that nerve was, the bitch.

Suddenly her hand was on my crotch. She pulled my zipper down then, and put her hand on my underwear, where my cock was starting to grow rapidly. But then she stuck the drill in again and drilled. I knew exactly what the combination was. Pleasure and pain. That is what she was into. Oh, and I also always wondered what it would be like to do this.

Suddenly dentist erotica had whipped off her scrubs, and pulled off her blouse, and was standing there in a very hot black bra. Her boobs were, as she had indicated, plenty plentiful. No need for a boob job here. I was almost breathless. Her bra came off, and then she pulled off her skirt and panties. She came back up to me at the chair and put my right hand on her boob. Then she started drilling again. Feeling her big bosom, her thick soft nipple, and looking at her aroused, almost entranced lovely face, I was in heaven.

But then the drill kicked in and I was down in hell. It was a very nice combo indeed. The hell part made the heaven that much softer and more luscious as I caressed her boob. Then she took her hand and pulled my cock out of my underwear. She just got on my lap and started fucking me, while holding the drill up to my mouth. I can hold it perfectly steady. Open please.

Dentist erotica

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