Dirty sexy selfies

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Ashley and Sarah dance with their boys. Looks like there's some hard-core grinding going on. Next Gallery: Sexy Sirens! Does Ashley look sexy or gross in her revealing costume? What about Sarah? Is she sweet and innocent? Ashley takes her top off and flashes the crowd! These bosom buddies take a break to relax in Vegas. Mirror Mirror on the wall Ashley, who is a professional dancer, shows off her best moves one night at a club. When hanging out with rock stars it's customary to flash them your boobs. Right Sarah? Ashley agrees! Ashley looks like she's hiding from the paparazzi. Here's a shot of Ashley with the wind blowing through her hair.

For the red carpet of a porn flick, Ashley pulled out all the stop. Red carpet essentials: low cut dress, push up bra, and sultry pout.

Dirty sexy selfies

Check, check, and check! On the beach in Cancun, Ashley cools down in the ocean. Cute bikini on Ashley or is she showing too much skin? Like we said earlier, why sip when you can drink right from the bottle? Sarah says she's never lost a bathing suit contest. Ashley does a sexy dance under the running water. If you were the judge would they win? Hot or not?

Dirty sexy selfies

Ashley snuggles up to a local muchacho in Mexico. Sarah's tequila shot ended with a little kiss. The girls take their new boys back to the hotel room. They waste no time going skinny dipping in the pool. Sarah and her new friend get close in the pool. We know you want to look away. But you can't. Sarah and Ashley know how to work it to get what they want.

The girls high five each other for a job well done. Should they be ashamed or partying? Oh yea. What's up with the eyebrows? Here are some of Ashley's personal pics. Ashley as Eve. Ashley kind of looks like a mini Janice Dickinson.

Dirty sexy selfies

Could this Bad Girl be sweet and innocent? Ashley loves to pucker up for the camera! Why sip when you can drink right from the bottle? Is this sexy or just gross? Sarah's personal pics are a little too hot for this photo gallery. From day one, Sarah flaunted her fun-loving personality She also flaunted her curves.

Or not? Here's a pic of Sarah showing off her dimples and nose ring. Love her or hate her, Sarah has style! Is this TMI? Is Sarah over-the-top sexy? Sarah even has a tattoo that says 'Princess'. Is she hot or not? That's not very ladylike! When it comes to her breasts, Sarah says: 'They're real and they're huge! Remember when Sarah competed in the amateur strip contest? Does this look amateur to you?

Once her top came off, the real cheering began! Sarah won dirty sexy selfies strip contest! Would you have voted for her? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Even Sarah didn't warm up to her right away. But Ashley's partying ways changed all that. Ashley announced that the Bad Girls were going to Vegas! In Vegas, Ashley got up close and very personal with a male stripper.

You decide. Center of attention! Who's sexier in this pic - Ashley or the male stripper? The girls also danced in Vegas for The Fantasy Girls. Pause Next. Recommended For You.

Dirty sexy selfies

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