Feet fetish stories

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Curly Nikki. When it comes to dating, I am a huge fan of three things: Openness, comfort, and communication. Openness, meaning nothing is off limits to talk about, comfort, meaning both parties in the relationship never feel as though they will be ostracized for having opinions that differ from the other party, and communication, being able to have an open-ended dialogue where we listen to one another not for the sole purpose of reacting to ones words but understanding them and asking one another to clarify ones point and hear each other out.

So what does all of this have to do with dating someone who is into feet? How you like it, when you like it, what position you like it in, past experiences, embarrassing sex stories, the greatest sex you had, the worst sex you had, and even fetishes. You see, I believe everyone has some type of sexual deviancy in them. So when I started dating this guy. We had talked for a couple of months and when things got sexual, we started talking more and more about sexual interest.

Nothing too crazy. Until we started talking about fetishes and he mentioned feet. Now before I go any further, you have to understand that I have huge interest in how arousal and seeking pleasure varies from person to person. I just find it so interesting. I was admittedly perplexed yet excited. I started asking him when he knew he was into it. He said he had discovered the attraction as a.

The conversation then turned to me, telling me that he liked my feet and thought they were hot. Fetishes are for all colors of the rainbow. I asked him if he had ever acted out his fetish with someone in the past and he said no. I will say that one thing I loved about him was that he always asked and never assumed that it was okay to try something new. As he was looking at my toes, I could tell he was getting aroused, kind of turning me on a little as well.

Like I was reacting off of his energy. He was breathing heavily while rubbing my feet which actually felt pretty nice. When he started to suck on my toes however, that took an interesting turn. Feeling a wet tongue on my feet felt really good. For some reason, all the licking feet fetish stories sucking he was doing was going straight to my nether regions, making me wet and ready for some action.

He suddenly would always need to see my feet while we were having sex, which meant I feet fetish stories often contort myself into awkward positions where my feet were visible. Of course, this was all upon request. But the requests were frequent. I found myself being okay with it as it challenged my body and made me realize that I was more flexible than I thought. It also made me realize that I need to work out more.

Feet fetish stories

If we did the same position where I would have to bend my leg a certain way, I would feet fetish stories have a crook in my leg the next day. Not fun. When we would hang out and I would have my feet out, I would be turning him on without realizing it. It was because he told me. I found myself making sure to keep my feet looking nice, even though they always did, because I enjoyed the unsolicited foot rubs I would receive whenever I went to his place.

After telling me about his interest in feet, I asked him if he would ever consider working in a shoe store, to which he quickly said no because there would be too much stimulation around him. After we broke up, I kind of missed the extra attention my feet feet fetish stories getting, but never actively sought out guys who had an interest in feet.

The biggest thing I got out of the experience was being able to give someone pure joy and pleasure in such a unique way, which I strive to do when I can, and within my own limits of course. This is probably the freakiest thing I have done to date. You are really a Godsent, I promise you that I will always recommend you.

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Feet fetish stories

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Feet fetish stories

Thanks in advance. Very interesting way of telling the story. I'm a man with a foot fetish and always read these things when I'm seeing someone new. For me it's not as intense an interest as described here as it's more of a kink than a fetish.

It's cool to get different prospectives on it as I have had mixed reviews in the past. Most recently the girl found it charming and was very understanding of it. Thanks for sharing. Full Name. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Looking for Something? Search anything and hit enter.

Feet fetish stories

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Feet fetish stories

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