Find a submissive woman

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All men in their right minds prefer a sweet, jolly, demure, and peaceful woman to a bitter, depressed, shameless, and combative one. In other words, men prefer submissive women. Western culture has long been heading in such a direction that submissive women have become a rarity. Things have gotten so bad that many western men are thirsty for any of submissiveness from a woman, such as her making him a sandwich. The typical modern western male is so thoroughly defeated by feminism that he will gleefully settle for a pittance of submission from a woman in the form of a sandwich, just to feel a tiny bit of masculine pride.

Just a sandwich? Are you kidding me? I would be insulted if my girlfriend prepared only a sandwich and tried to pass it off as a meal. I would rather be single than having to settle for a relationship with a woman who is reluctant to please me. All women are naturally submissive which means submissiveness is nothing more than good old femininity. Men are attracted to femininity. Feminists love to paint submissive women as weak but nothing could be further from the truth. Strong indicators of femininity such as cooking and cleaning are shamed by feminists as slavery to men but the reality is different.

Nature intended women to be mothers. Learning and practicing cooking and cleaning are preparations for raising. must be fed with nutritious home-cooked meals, not with nasty processed food. I can cook by myself. Same goes find a submissive woman cleaning.

Find a submissive woman

A woman has to learn how to clean because her babies will find a submissive woman a clean, hygienic environment to grow up. Cooking and cleaning are reliable indicators of femininity which al whether she is a pleasant girl worthy of a relationship or not.

Feminists and their followers reject learning these vital skills in the name of rejecting servitude for men. Submissive women are the strongest type of women because femininity is a strength, not a weakness.

Modern women who have to announce that they are strong and independent are neither strong nor independent. Men want feminine women. A submissive woman is sweet, charming, demure, kind, modest, gracious, pleasant, clean, tidy, peaceful, easygoing, adorable, shy, find a submissive woman, polished, amusing, well-groomed, humble, and jolly. A strong and independent modern woman is bitter, repulsive, shameless, rude, bossy, mean, catty, dirty, sloppy, combative, difficult, despicable, brash, loud, coarse, repulsive, nasty, arrogant, and depressed.

A submissive woman is willing to follow the lead of a man and she derives pleasure from pleasing her men. She is happy to take care of the man she loves. She is there to make his life betternot harder. She loves to clean and cook. A strong and independent modern woman is unwilling to follow the lead of a man and she despises the idea of pleasing her man. She makes life harder for her man as she brings nothing to the table and expects everything in return. She loves to keep her hair long.

A strong and independent modern woman loves to disfigure her body with tattoos and piercings. A strong and independent modern woman is likely to have weak parents and a loose relationship with her family. A submissive woman is unlikely to engage in risky behavior as risk-taking is a masculine quality. She is unlikely to smoke, get drunk or do drugs. A strong and independent modern woman is likely to engage in risky behavior as risk-taking is a masculine quality. Contrary to conventional wisdom, submissive women are harder to bed. They are relationship material.

The so-called strong and independent modern women are better suited for quick, no strings attached bangs. Thanks to feminism, western countries fail to provide fertile soil for submissive women to grow and flourish. Be on the lookout for the s mentioned above. Submissive women are unlikely to be found in bars or clubs. Rather, they can be found in any place where normal people frequent.

Shopping malls, grocery stores, coffee shops, libraries are some of the places where you can find them. If you are a western man traveling abroad can improve your odds of finding a submissive woman. South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe are often regarded as the holy trinity for finding feminine and submissive women. Southeast Asian girls are feminine and submissive, yes, but they will eat you alive if you are a weak, soft, socially awkward man.

The Middle East, other parts of Asia and Africa might be worth looking at. Part of the reason why western women abandoned femininity and submissiveness is that the majority of western men have gotten soft. No amount of western status is enough to save a soft, weak and wimpy western man.

The typical western man comes to these countries to find a feminine woman and his western status makes it easy to do so. But as soon as he finds her, he immediately puts her on a massive pedestal which is a no-no. Putting a woman on a pedestal never ends well for a man because she wants to look up to her man. The good news is that all men already have innate masculine qualities available to him on demand.

For the average western male, most of these qualities have atrophied by growing up in an anti-male western culture. Feel free to check it out.

Find a submissive woman

Building social circles take time and effort. Dating women in your social circle is risky, as you will always be subject to the judgment of your circle with everything you do with your woman. Building a find a submissive woman circle just for the purpose of meeting a submissive woman is overkill but many men will still take this route as cold approaching terrifies the shit out of them. Cold approach is the best way to meet women, submissive women included. Most men will never cold approach a woman, which is a good thing for men who have the balls to do it as the competition will be next to non-existent.

When you spot a woman who displays the visible s of submissiveness, you must approach. Talk to her casually for a few minutes and ask for her. If you get hercall or text her the next day or the day after. Remember, you are looking for a submissive girl who will follow your lead. Always be leading. Ask to meet her. If she says yes, tell her where to meet. When you meet up for a date, take her to a place like a coffee shop where you can talk to her. Ask her about her relationship with her family, how she likes to spend her time, whether she likes cooking and cleaning etc.

Notice how she treats other people. Is she kind to strangers? Observe her closely to see whether she upholds to your standards.

Find a submissive woman

Gaining her trust is nothing more than being a masculine man and leading her. She is bringing her femininity to the table and you must bring your masculinity in return. You must show her that you are a strong man who can lead. Submissive women can end up in a relationship with a weak man but that relationship will not last long.

All women hate weak men. If her man is weak, she has to do the leading and she will resent that. A relationship where she has to do the leading is only possible when there are strong societal pressures on her that she has no other option but to make it work. She will stay in the relationship but she will hate it. A strong feminine and a strong masculine side are both required for a healthy relationship.

This is the wrong mentality to have. If he hides his sexuality until the last moment, he is guaranteed to come across as a phony when he finally makes his intentions known. Building trust is a process that includes her gradually getting used to your touch.

Women are not stupid. Even the most innocent woman knows that you want to fuck her. Get her used to your touch. If she rejects your advances, pull back for a while and try next time. A relationship between a submissive woman and a dominant man is the strongest and the happiest type of relationship where natural gender roles are kept intact.

Relationships always have downsides, especially for men who love their freedom, but being in a relationship with a submissive woman is a delight in many ways. You must never ever put a woman on a pedestal.

Women are naturally hypergamous, so she is the happiest when she follows your lead and looks up to you. If you put her up on a pedestal, she will be unable to look up to you and your relationship with her will deteriorate, in which case you have no one but yourself to blame if she dumps you. She wants to follow the lead of a strong, dominant, decisive, confident and bold man who is able to remain calm under pressure. You must be the master of the relationship who takes charge, calls the shots, and le.

When she follows your lead, respects you and worships the ground you walk on, she will be happy. She will reward you with her feminine energy which is something that you can only enjoy when you are in a relationship with a happy, feminine woman. Dominance is not to be confused with abuse and disrespect.

Those things add to your masculinity if you do them right. my free newsletter to receive updates on new posts, books, and other stuff that I am working on. Additional menu All men in their right minds prefer a sweet, jolly, demure, and peaceful woman to a bitter, depressed, shameless, and combative one. Why Men Want Submissive Women? A submissive woman is likely to have strong parents and a good relationship with her family. Where To Find Submissive Women Thanks to feminism, western countries fail to provide fertile soil for submissive women to grow and flourish.

Your Relationship with a Submissive Woman A relationship between a submissive woman and a dominant man is the strongest and the find a submissive woman type of find a submissive woman where natural gender roles are kept intact. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Find a submissive woman

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