Girls big butt

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Wondering why do guys like big butts? Apart from simply being nice to look at, there are also more complex reasons why guys are attracted to big booties. One such reason is that they girls big butt to higher fertility. And do you know why? Yes, it took me a while to admit this one, but here it is… anything for the greater good—I mean booty. I never quite understood why do guys like big buttsso I started investigating, while at the same time looking for motivation to hit the gym more regularly and enlarge my fellow glutes too!

I decided to do a little survey among my guy friends and some random men in general, to finally reveal the mystery of beautifully big behinds and why they are so madly attracted to them. And all I can say is that the reasons why guys love girls with large buns are perfectly understandable and more than ordinary! If you aim to please and want your man completely satisfied, then learning The Language Of Desire is the best thing you can do.

It would be a curse and a blessing, all in one. Killer female features can sweep many men girls big butt their feet, but a nice, perky, big butt is definitely one—that, or big boobsdepending on whether your guy is a boob guy or a butt guy. Men like big butts. So, if they see a beautiful woman in a swimsuit or sexy tight leggings, they will be instantly attracted to her. Of course, they will check out her eyes, her smile, her hair, and last but not least, they will check out her body type with the focus on her butt cheeks. Truth be told, a nice butt captures the gaze of both men and women.

A big booty with the perfect amount of fat in the right places can serve as a pillow, hand warmer, or just something squishy and fun to play with. They like to grab it and play with it, especially in the bedroom. It seriously turns them on.

When a girl is on top, putting his hands on her butt is a must. There is a difference between what men like and what women like.

Girls big butt

They are also really crazy about seeing a woman trying to pull up jeans over her thighs and butt. I guess they get immense satisfaction by watching the process of a big booty entering really fit jeans. They like to see that there is something holding those jeans up.

Girls big butt

This cognition is extremely sexy to any guy out there because they immediately imagine a woman doing squats and their heart starts beating more rapidly. Guys are usually aware that the butt is off limits. That is something guys are subconsciously attracted to. One study found that men subconsciously prefer women with a spinal curvature of a degree angle. This type of spinal curve enables them to remain mobile during pregnancy without the risk of injuring themselves.

These women would have been more effective at foraging during pregnancy and less likely to suffer spinal injuries. In turn, men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury. Also, believe it or not, girls with big booties often breed healthier and smarter children!

In the real world, the attraction seems to be a complex thing. I bet they would serve better than a pillow and that was the exact answer these men I interviewed gave. I think rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot would agree on this one, too. Well, now it makes sense why guys like big butts. They have a place girls big butt rest their he on and just fall asleep peacefully.

It is literally heaven for their senses. Some scientists have reason to believe that emotional intelligence and butt size are connected, as women develop emotional intelligence around the same time as girls big butt gain curves in puberty. So, why do guys like big butts?

Women who have big derrieres develop superior social skills in order to select a potential mate. Girls with big derrieres understand things more quickly and they are also more intuitive than girls with flat butts. There was a study that proved that big booties affect the same part of the male brain that is triggered by alcohol and drugs.

The researchers showed men pictures of women before and after butt enlargement surgery while they monitored their brains. Interesting one, right? Human behavior never ceases to amaze me. Why do guys like big butts? A big butt makes every waist-to-hip ratio look thinner.

Girls big butt

Because the extra fat that is found in the butt is pretty much harmless in comparison with stomach fat, which can be extremely dangerous and can cause heart disease and all kinds of chronic diseases. Women with them are seen as sex symbols and are very desirable. Also, big booties are featured not only in magazines and on TV, but have also made appearances in songs and movies. Every second song has a big butt in it. See also: Boobs Or Butt? I hope the answer to the question Why do guys like big butts? Guys like big booties for many reasons. Both big and small butts deserve to be celebrated and respected the same way because both are equally attractive and beautiful.

And always know that you are beautiful the way you are. Maria Parker is a trained psychologist, specialized in narcissistic behavior in relationships.

Girls big butt

Her end goal is to unmask mind games and manipulations, to put an end to narcissistic abuse and help victims heal. Martha Sullivan. Maria Parker January 24, Share article. Martha Sullivan April 25, Selma June November 4, Related articles. Written by. Martha Sullivan April 18,

Girls big butt

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