Kik group chat limit

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Im receiving chat limit reached on kik above i still have 15 chances to start chat! I tried many solutions still same problem! Can anyone help please? PS : i wiped the data many Times and i did reinstall it many Times but still same problem. I was digging around and this appears to be a new security system against bots I think. I have had this happen even on new s I've made on a different phone and so far I have no idea how to reliably fix it.

Kik group chat limit

The only way to unreliably bypass this is by deleting cache and data of kik, uninstalling it, restarting your phone, optionally using a VPN, installing kik again and creating a new. And even then it's not guaranteed that you won't get banned again within one or two chats. Any solution? I got this problem today. Tell any alternative if you were able to find.

Kik group chat limit

Kik please help with chat limit reached. Posted by 10 months ago. Sort by: best. Right got that today like what's that about lol. No solution yet?? Continue this thread. It got fixed After few days by itself. More posts from the NoStupidQuestions community. Ask away! Created Feb 2, Top posts september 19th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

Kik group chat limit Kik group chat limit

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