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The KIC Click is a high-speed, face-up book capture system at an affordable price. Its sleek and elegant look will complement any library floor. Are there any compromises? You decide. The KIC Click captures nearly 20 book s per minute kik scans instant access on tablets, notebooks, smart devices and easy transfer to desktop PCs and servers.

Photocopiers, PCs, monitors and keyboards clutter up otherwise beautiful libraries across America. The smooth but rugged black or white KIC Clicks totally reverse that trend, adding beauty to even the most beautiful libraries. In the U. Last decade, libraries typically 'added' several KIC book scanning kiosks for patron, student, faculty and researcher use, but since libraries have begun to replace their entire patron-use copier fleets with self-serve book scanning systems. Students at academic libraries want speed, and DLSG offers the fastest book scanners on the market.

Patrons at public libraries need simplicity, and KIC provides three of the simplest possible user interfaces, one exclusively for scanning, one exclusively for copying and one exclusively for faxing. And KIC's best-of-breed power user interface kik scans only a touch away. While multifunction copiers are partly digital, they are big mechanical machines with big maintenance issues and tiny touch screens. Organizing collating, clipping, rotating, etc. The digital age has steadily driven down the demand in libraries for paper copies to levels that make it increasingly difficult to justify copiers.

KIC self-service scanning systems reduce copier use further — to the point that attaching a small laser or ink jet printer is sufficient. Scan Copy Fax KIC systems also handle much larger materials than copiers, and they scan books without damaging them. However, the most compelling benefit of KIC over copiers is KIC's speed, due mainly to its face-up scanning de, which is not only ificantly faster, but far easier to use.

KIC's huge touch screen and larger view screen make faxing extra easy. Users can compose, review, clip, crop and change brightness and contrast of the s of a fax before sending. KIC's step-by-step process is deed for easy operation by even the most timid users. All you need is an internet connection, and DLSG will provide the rest at a cost so low that fax revenue can pay for the KIC system in a few years or less. KIC Coin does not require that a coin box or a card reader be located next to each copier and fax machine.

It works like a debit card, but no card is required. Patrons simply purchase any denomination they deate at the front desk. Printing copies and faxing have per costs. These costs are normally passed on to the user. With photocopiers, MFCs and other book scanning kiosks, additional hardware for collecting fees must be acquired.

The costs of this additional hardware must be passed on to the user. KIC has a free, built-in method of charging users kik scans copies and faxes. All KIC self-serve book scanning kiosksystems is compatible with all standard copy card and coin-op devices.

When KICs are introduced to a library, most patrons opt for digital output, so costly expendables are avoided, even for color! With KIC coins, the the library can keep all revenue it collects. Users need only locate the volume s that they expect to contain the information they are seeking, scan selected sections and output either a searchable PDF file or a text file.

These files can easily be searched for various keywords. Keyword searching is becoming an indispensable capability that ificantly improves the quality and efficiency of researching print collections. Scan selected excerpts from multiple sources in just minutes. Search all scanned s in an instant for various key words and Use whole s or clip selected pictures, graphs, test, etc. Save scanned images to USB flash drive or cloud storage, send them via address or transfer images directly to a tablet, notebook PC, or smart phone.

Enhance reports in a word processing program. Drag desired images from a flash drive, Cloud storage or directly into a word processing program, or save images to your computer desktop and use the 'insert picture' function. Once images are imported into a word processing program, you may want to resize or reposition them or select from several ways that your text can wrap around the pictures. Library patrons bring loose paper from home to scan, fax and send via or save to a USB device. Quickly scan many s to take with you and study at your convenience in the comfort of your home where you can read, search, markup, and print at your leisure.

With KIC in your library, instructors are no longer restricted to a single text book. They can freely as many excerpts from many books without adding to the students' already high cost of text books. Offer your students and faculty KIC and its powerful, digital age features that from a superhighway between your highly valuable print collections and the digital word. Once s are scanned, KIC automatically select photos, charts, and paragraphs.

Users can simply touch and drag to select an area, or just touch a photo, chart or kik scans and drag it to the digital clipboard. Move clips individually from the clipboard to existing s, or start a new blank. Shrink, enlarge, and rotate kik scans to create any layout. Undo changes, remove clips, until your creation is complete. It's digital desktop publishing, easy asat your fingertips. Then save your in a variety of file formats and send to USB,smart device, or cloud. See the highlighted text in a format that fits nicely on a smart phone screen.

Read and review the highlights without having to zoom in. Many students find it very helpful to simultaneously read and listen to study materials to optimize retention. Clip, crop, rearrange s and then choose the kind of book, s and quantity desired.

Order your original book s using KIC's simple "shop-online" interface to find the best value and pay with your credit card. Your books will be printed, packaged and shipped to you within days! Most books curve at the spine - some rather dramatically. KIC Click gets deep kik scans the bookfold of tightly-bound volumes by capturing from two angles, and easily straightens out the worst curves, producing clear, professional quality images.

KIC Click handles thick books beautifully. Text is clear and undistorted. KIC automatically adds margins for print-ready image quality. It handles a large percentage of books that are too big for an 11x17 inch scan bed, scanning them two s at a time without damage to their spines. A — — — Competing face-up book scanner A 14x KIC Click's high speed is kik scans as much from its ultra-simple, true two-touch interface as from its face-up de that obviates the need to flip books over and over again during the capture process.

KIC Click's sleek look and elegant de put the full KIC self-serve digitization functionality into a mere 25 inch width. Its large, 22 inch touch screen and capture surface are at the perfect heights for quick, standing operation when placed on a typical table or its optional K-legs.

KIC Click Mini's generous It easily handles books that are too big for an 11x17 inch scan bed, scanning them two s at a time without damage to their spines. Ease-of-use is a central feature of KIC. Its large, 22 inch touch screen and its large "Scan" and "Save, Send or Print" buttons that occupy a very large portion of the touch screen clearly convey how easy KIC is to use.

The Save button defaults to an output method and file format that is selectable by the institution. If a flash drive is inserted, KIC detects this and the output button changes to indicate that it will save to the flash drive. Users can override the default output method by manually selecting one or more other methods of output. KIC is very agile, and allows the user to jump from just about anywhere in the touch screen system to just about anywhere else, directly and usually with a single touch.

This modern, 'modeless' de is easier to use, but difficult to create. KIC gradually expands and contracts controls such as brightness, con- trast and DPI so users can easily follow their screen activity.

Kik scans

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