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Now a new wave of Silicon Valley companies is bringing live socializing back into a medium that has, in the parlance of the technologists, grown overly asynchronous. Vivaty, a start-up based in Menlo Park, Calif.


The company has been quietly working on its technology for three years and will begin a private test period on Facebook this week in advance of a wider introduction realchat summer. Vivaty turns a flat profile into a three-dimensional live chat room.

With videogame-like precision, they can then navigate that virtual space, which may feature their Facebook photos hanging from the walls and a YouTube video playing on a widescreen TV. Up to 15 realchat can choose avatars and enter the same room at the same time for text-based live socializing. Similar online services like Second Life and games like World of Warcraft have existed for years. But they are not accessible through a Web browser.


Instead they require users to install large and cumbersome programs and have plenty of Internet bandwidth for a satisfyingly immediate experience. Vivaty chat rooms, on the other hand, will be scattered across the Web.

A user can stick an existing Vivaty virtual environment, or create a unique one, wherever HTML code can be imbedded. Botha, one of the original backers of YouTube, is behind live Web companies like TokBox, a year-old start-up that lets people conduct realchat video chats on the Web, and Meebo, a two-year-old Web messaging company realchat introduced a new generation of networked chat rooms to the Web last year.

Chat rooms were an integral part of the online experience for users of early services like CompuServe and America Online. The first wave of Web technology helped drive these unruly conversations close to extinction.


Live chat was relegated to separate software tools like instant messenger programs. Newer Web programming tools provide flexibility for updates inside Web s. But now there is a new problem: Internet users are spread thinly across millions of Web sites and blogs and various social networks. Meebo Rooms can realchat host to the same crowd on more than one Web site. But they all conduct one live conversation.

Sternberg asserts that the dialogue is cleaner in his new live chats than on the old AOL chats he used to patrol. Other new live services are popping up quickly. This month, Facebook said realchat would introduce a live chat feature. Live video streaming services, from Yahoo and start-ups like Kyte, Ustream. TV and Justin. TV, are also proliferating. Those companies include live chat features as well, so users can discuss what they are watching in real time.

McCurdy from Vivaty said he did not expect these live services to travel far across the generational divide.


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