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It's always something reddit skype sex I've been really afraid of doing because of how easy it is to record stuff like that, but my boyfriend and I are past the point that we really trust each other, so I decided to go for it on our Sunday date. It was great! Finding the right angle was a little tricky at first, but it was new because even when we're physically together I don't get a chance to really look at him like that. So hot and adorable. I guess in order to give advice about how to spice things up, I'd prefer to hear a little more detail about what you did on Skype.

For example, did you both play some sort of striptease? Masturbate on screen? Strike sexy poses? Give each other instructions? Or something else? Sorry if these questions are too personal. First time for both of us so sort of striptease, sexy poses, some instruction, and masturbating, though it would be difficult because sometimes I wouldn't hear what he said or he wouldn't hear what I said.

How do you get around that? I dont really want to go into reddit skype sex on a sub that I truly love with my regular username, but if you have questions or anything, you can message me! We do this waaaaayyy too often. Alnost everyday. If you have any questions feel free to shoot a pm. What do you do to keep things hot despite distance? Posted by 6 years ago. What do you guys do to spice things up?? Sort by: best. Continue this thread. More posts from the LongDistance community.

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Reddit skype sex

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How do you have Skype sex?