Shiny nipples

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So my nipples are SO sore not my boobs, just the nipples and they tend to be constantly erect or hard. Well today I took off my bra after work and looked down because they hurt so bad and I noticed that my nipples were shiny!

They were not wet or oily or anything, just really shiny. I asked my husband and he agreed he also took a moment to appreciate my bigger shiny nipples firmer breasts. I googled "shiny nipples" and saw some people discussed it on other websites or forums but generally it was later in pregnancy and they thought it was because of the colostrum sp leaking out I've got nothing leaking.

Just curious if anyone else has shiny boobs or nipples yet. LOL nipple stretch marks that's great. No, no problems with shine, but mine seem to stay erect AHH and they are sore. They were not with my DD. All I know is I could cut glass! And yes jwl I am a DD Me on the other hand thinks he should try lugging these things around for a day! I guess my nipples could be shiny because of extra oils softening them up I feel all slick and icky. Mine seem to always be erect! I didn't notice this with my other preg!? I haven't noticed them looking shiny yet though. I'm an F so this is something new for me too.

Glad I'm not the only one with nipple issues. They're so prominent now I feel as if I should introduce them. Nipples, everyone. I just realized this morning that my nipples are shiny, and then I remembered this post, lol. And I googled shiny nipples during pregnancy, to see what I could find, and shiny nipples link to this came up.

Its sooooo weird. My first pregnancy my nipples got so dark they were black, and this time they are just getting shiny. Whats up with that?!?! It's so strange! My nipples are still bright pink hoping they don't get too dark but again yesterday I was like "holy shiny reflection batman! Still not sticky or oily or anything Hubby is still enjoying all the times when he "has" to examine and give his expert opinion on my breast changes. January Birth Club BabyCenter may earn a commission from shopping links.

Original poster's comments 2. Your nipples have started to secrete an oil shiny nipples soften them up, so that's probably causing the shine. Mine feel oily too do I add a :- here or :- hmmm. More posts in "January Birth Club" group. Create post in "January Birth Club" group.

Shiny nipples

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