Submissive humiliation ideas

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For doms with subs who need a great deal of discipline, this BDSM punishment list has it all. BDSM relationships always have certain rules in place. But when the submissive breaks one of the rules, there must be consequences. Let me help you get your sub to behave, by supplying 72 BDSM punishment ideas for submissives who need to learn their lesson.

This is a more simple form of punishment. Restraint can be fun for the dom while being highly inconvenient for the sub. Put them in a collar and attach a lead and make them follow you everywhere. Tie their lead to something when you need to go out or do something private. If you want this to fit in the humiliation categorymake them crawl like an animal instead of walk.

Games, reading, masturbation, or even watching TV. Deny your sub the right to engage in their favorite hobby for however many hours, days, or weeks you choose. Or, take away their charger. Watch them start to use their phone or laptop less and less as the battery dies.

Does your sub wear a collar they love? Take it away. Or take away their lucky bracelet or ring or something similar. However, be careful when taking away rings or collars. And in some couples, a collar is likea wedding band so treat that with the same restraint. No clothes are allowed at home for as long as you decide. If you need to go into the public, limited clothing is allowed — but perhaps with one of these rules:. Disallow speaking. Completely ignore your sub.

Add extra punishments for every text and call they make to you. Make them last a little fast for a day. Try a cock cage or chastity belt. Make sure you learn about chastity and know how to wear the cock-cage safely. Edging is one of many excellent femdom punishments. Come back and keep repeating the process. The easiest way to do it is through stimulating the clitoris but using a toy to hit her G-spot works too.

Try not to do submissive humiliation ideas at the same time though, it may be harder to stop in time for her to be left on the edge. But men need time between sessions to reload and regain energy. And eventually, orgasms become painful — and possibly dry. Keeping up sexual encounters until your man is dry is the perfect treat for you, and punishment for him. Let me preface this by saying that you should never expose the public to any kink, fetish, or even Vanilla sexual play. There are lots of Bluetooth and internet controlled long-distance sex toys available today.

Submissive humiliation ideas are small and discrete and can be worn in public. Put one on your sub and make them wear it on a date. Control the intensity with your phone. If your sub makes even a tiny noise, the punishment gets worse at home — one idea is to leave them without orgasm after hours of toy-play. Or put a toy on your sub, stay home, and make them do errands. Reward them by finally bringing them to the climax when they come home. But making your spouse wear them during an errand can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Ben-Wa balls are vaginal exercise weightsusually used for Kegels. For the untrained user, they can be hard to hold in. Make your sub wear something silly in public. Have them wear a costume from a movie, paint their face like a cat or wear ridiculous, knee-high rainbow socks. Whatever you want!

Submissive humiliation ideas

You want to make them look slightly unusual. Fill a bath with cold water and ice and make your sub spend a few minutes in it. For a more tame BDSM submissive humiliation ideas, a cold shower works too. Pick how many hits and get beating. You could pair this with other punishments like being bound, or not allowed to speak.

Perhaps on the nipples, or skin of the scrotum. Putting them on the nose, lips, ears, or loose body skin works too. Get a glass or stainless steel dildo or butt plug. Soak it in icy water, then use it on the sub. Avoid putting ice inside your sub, as this can cause burns. Use a variety of waxes and see which hurts more.

Pre-made wax strips can often be much more intense than melting and applying the wax yourself, but it depends on the brand. Before you take the soap out, add some water to make it foam and taste worse. Find the largest, most uncomfortable ball gag you can. Force it on your sub for a few hours.

Keep your partner quiet, but open-mouthed with an open mouth gag. Use their open mouth to feed them unpleasant food, or semen, or just use it as a hole you can fuck.

Submissive humiliation ideas

Adjust this time to make it fairer on your partner if you need to — or less fair, if you want the punishment to submissive humiliation ideas severe. Add weights to any genital or nipple piercings your sub has. Humiliation punishments often crossover with public punishments. Again, be sure you cover any suspicious behavior with an excuse so you avoid involving the public in your kink.

Force your sub to masturbate in public, but somewhere nobody can tell. A movie theatre works. Give your sub temporary tattoos. This could be an embarrassing face tattoo of a naked person, or insults scrawled in sharpie. If your sub is not into being nude in public, take them to a nudist beach or gym. Force them to go without clothes. Make it look like your sub wet their pants by splashing their genital area, or pouring a glass of water down their pants.

Record your sub having an orgasm. Use the sub as a footrest or chair in public — if anyone asks questions, tell your sub to laugh and say they lost a bet. Make the sub eat from a pet dish. Bring one to a restaurant, and transfer their food to it. Or if your sub usually eats from pet dishes at home,make them use a plate.

Tell people the sub usually eats from a pet dish.

Submissive humiliation ideas

Invite them to watch the sub use real crockery. Make your sub walk around in cum-soaked underwear all day. Or, climax in submissive humiliation ideas butt, place a butt plug, and make them spend the day like that. Make your male sub submissive humiliation ideas in your clothes all day. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, or venture out somewhere more public. And take lots of pictures. Go to the beach with her in a revealing bikini. Make the sub clean the kitchen or bathroom with their tongue.

Give them a toothbrush for scrubbing stains. Invite consenting guests over to watch, or film it. If your sub was excited for an outing or a sexual, kinky, or romantic date, cancel it until they learn to behave. Cook your sub something unpleasant and make them eat all of it. Put your sub in two pairs of full-back underwear, then fill the outer pair with ice cubes.

Make sure the cubes slightly melted, not fresh out of the freezer, or they may burn the skin. Lock your sub in a small room, like a closet, alone for a few hours. Do you want to color-code your sock drawer? Create a new organization system for the kitchen? Make your sub do it. Make the sub stand somewhere as if bound.

Find software like iTunes. But forcing your sub to rim you, or another dom is pleasureful and naughty. Make your sub lick your feet clean. If they prefer to receive and not give, force them to give you a golden shower. Only you are allowed to clean them, whenever you have the time.

Force your sub to wear a hollow butt plug, then start pegging. To add some humiliation, taunt them for not being able to stretch wide enough for you to use their ass for pleasure. If you and your sub are in an open relationship, have sex with someone else in front of your sub. This works very well if you have multiple subs, especially if all submissives are usually treated equally. Make the sub masturbate in panties. For women, put their panties inside the vagina. For men leave the panties on, then cum inside them. After a period of chastity, let a male sub orgasm over your feet, or on the dirty floor.

Have him lick it up. For women, she may not like giving blowjobs.

Submissive humiliation ideas

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