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I think the pitch was Fire Emblem supports but with porn. Which is basically right. Below is the standard look of a fight. You move, and depending on range either attack or use skills. Your main goal is to match enemy to a one hit element skill. Also, enemies drop stat up items on death which are just straight up permanent buffs. Most fights, at least later on, will be one hit kill affairs.

Other then that all fights are just win battle and they play out largely the same, especially when you reach the grind portion of the game. Above is the map you get when you recruit basically everyone. Which is good since this is the first time in the game for you to really work on the bonding system. Each fight you get affection points if the right people are together. For example, if Karinth and Surge are in tacticselemental same fight and both live, they get ten points. Most characters get four scenes and every girl save for one is paired with 4 guys that each get a different amount of points.

The amounts are pretty random but generally its either 10, 5, 3. That means the tacticselemental fights for the highest is 17 before you get all their sex stuff, while the longest is And if you switch partners for the guy or girl, the points reset to zero. So once you see their 50 scene you are committed to their Oh and you can only do tacticselemental couples at once since the biggest free battle map only allows 5 people.


These bonds get you stat bonuses but those will quickly become just a small plus. But you can build the bonuses beyond when you would get new scenes so eventually they could become tacticselemental. But since the focus is on switching your party up to get new scenes its unlikely you will ever get bonds to really matter combatwise. This is the main status menu. On the right is the scene replay list. And they take forever.


One main issue with the game I had was accuracy and evasion system. In the status screen these are uncapped, but in combat they both cap at The hit formula for attacks is accuracy minus evasion. So since they cap at the same amount, and you have to grind a lot in this tacticselemental, you will hit the cap.

Enemies scale so they will also hit the cap. Now they are uncapped so you will never miss unless you are tacticselemental leveled. For example, Wulfe. His skills are a movement buff which is decent, teleport and shield skills which essentially add a weakness and resistance to whoever stands in that square.

She can mind control a unit for a turn. Which is still better then Wulfe since she can do tacticselemental once a fight. The wort part is Tampini. The only girl who goes to and has 8 scenes between two guys who have the slowest growthsone of which is Wufle. Her special skill is to not exist for a turn.

Luckily I did her early on. Something to grind in and kill time for small rewards while watching a streamer. But I did it. So for full access to the game you need to go back and do these high level fights.


They are coming to Nowhere, which is the setting of the game. They arrive and basically reap worlds, killing or enslaving everything. Sage Threedle, a high ranking member of Nowhere, has an idea to summon an Avatar, a normal person who gets the power of the Divine to battle the Xubus to save their world.

Fending off the scouts, we the player learn about bonding. In Nowhere couples gain power as they sexually connect with their partner. The more sexual acts the stronger that actually become. But if either partner allows themselves to orgasm to someone other then their coupling partner, the bond is broken and reset to zero. Threedle attempted to weaponize this special trait of Nowhere but Chizzle orgasmed to blonde ass. After running around tacticselemental meeting a women who attempted the same summon an avatar thing, you switch to another group who talk about hunting and planar horrors and the two groups soon meet up.

They get to a tower, fight through it, summon the player avatar and have to escape and build up the avatar to be able to fight off the Xubus. The plot starts out decently if not for the amount of sexual stuff littered everywhere. Like the Xubus main bad guy is apparently just a space anus. It fits when you realize sex and switching partners in Nowhere is an everyday thing. Sex is everywhere and people just do it without having to worry. One bit later on explains that pregnancy is impossible without a ritual.

This ritual requires on of the parents to give up their special element affinity that Nowhere gives them, meaning any single couple can have at most two. This is brought up with the plant people and how they cannot as a people grow in this world do to how things tacticselemental. Its an interesting idea to me at least that is never followed upon, at least yet, and their is a few other things that are just kinda left hanging for future DLC not that I expect child birth or pregnancy in this game since that would render one of your fights useless for the rest of the game.

My biggest issue with the story ends up being how the later half works. The build up to winning feels far to sudden and easy. Like everything just happened to work out. We never even have an interaction with a serious villain, just this guy with a horn for a penis. The h is generally short scenes tacticselemental two people, unvoiced.

For example, one of your guys is a tacticselemental of magical things. So all of his scenes with any women involve magic artifacts of some sort. Every couple, with three exceptions, has about four scenes that follow a tacticselemental like that. Unlocking the porn, as noted above, is the main goal of the game and the biggest investment. I do like how the game uses all different skin colors and body types save for actual loli making everyone standout. Skin color especially makes me happy, as I feel not enough games beyond monster girl stuff bothers with anything other then white.

It stands out. The game itself looks decent. The models are all unique and look good though some move really slow for some reason. Honestly I enjoyed how difficult the beginning of the game was, though it hit me over the head with elemental tutorials way to much.

Like any time you switch characters it would have them explain how to us their elements against their enemies. I liked the art and some of the scenes were good. I beat the game soon after that and went to grinding and it was annoying. The best way to describe it is a browser game without the internet. Each fight took minutes and I needed anywhere from 4 to 19 fights to get a new tacticselemental.

If you like the art just use a save to save yourself the hassle. If you want to play an okay SRPG with porn then this is a good option. Nothing great but maybe some of the DLC will make the game better? At the very least maybe that kinda bland ending will be fixed. A couple decent fights for a mid level party. No real new mechanics but meh, it can be fun. The new story scenes are nice though, but nothing majorily important for someone who cares about the lore or anything. Once you finish the story you can rewatch any tacticselemental from the dlc enterance menu if you want to see the scenes again.

Save contains every intermission unlocked, a save right before the avatar tacticselemental choice which affects h scenes, and two saves at story moments that basically have h scenes that are not in the gallery. Now with DLC 1 and 2 saves to the new scenes. If you are on Windows, then open the saves info text document, it tells you where the save goes and what tacticselemental name the saves to have access to them. Pirate if you want. Your choice.


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