Where can i get a spanking

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Lviv, I was pleasantly surprised to find, is not what one expects. I confess, I too was hoodwinked into thinking a whole country could be just those three things. Soaring above the streets were enormous domed towers, hidden ornate archways led to tiny courtyards which showcased murals, that towered above me on the tall apartment building walls.

Late at night buskers played guitar in the town square, their melodies overlapping harmoniously. Streets were lined with little candy shops, tiny espresso bars, and the occasional overwhelmingly enormous cathedral. During my three days in LvivI somehow found myself in upwards of seven different theme-restaurants — just one more unpredictable thread in the tapestry of surprises Lviv holds. Each time I entered one of these restaurants, I found myself thinking This cannot possibly be real.

But, of course, it was very real. In the low-ceilinged darkness, and through spurts of flames I saw the small tables occupied mostly by couples, he close together, tucking into their pastries and coffee. Was I worried about singing my eyebrows? Was the coffee good… yes. Exactly how expensive is this Galician restaurant, and why?

Why is the bathroom decorated with piles of American dollars behind plexiglass? What is Galician food, again? Patrons being being served through the window. Diners are granted a special discount from the printed menu prices, which, at full price, would indeed amount to the most expensive Galician restaurant. In the world? Dinner is served. And so is justice! Even on a Wednesday night, tables were packed.

Diners seemed to enjoy examining the torture equipment that lined the walls, and everyone came with an apetite judging by the pounds of ribeyes and piles of sausage that were making their way to tables. Before you can even ask — yes! There was an executioner that stops by tables! He does lock you in a cage! They do cut enormous rounds of sausage with a slightly miniaturized guillotine! The Masoch Cafe — looks normal, right? This is where they spank you. Is spanking a theme? Everyone who enters gets at least a light spanking.

Dignitaries, ambassadors, the terminally ill — no one is above getting where can i get a spanking gentle tap on the cheeks. Masoch Cafe is popular, even amongst the locals, and it seemed lively inside every time I passed by. I was dubious of the demand there might be for a softcore BDSM restaurant, but imagine my delight when I learned that the cafe had been successful enough to spawn a hotel of the same theme. Upon sitting down and ordering a cocktail, a gruff Ukranian server arrived.

At our confused looks he explained to us that there were no menus. You tell us what you like. Pretty High Kitchen goes through this process with every table. No set menu, but we could see a flurry of activity in the open kitchen, and what followed was a parade of borscht, varenyky, Ukranian soups, stews, and vegetables. This is the fake restaurant, ok? By Sam Stone. Inside Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture. Get The Wonderlust Newsletter The world at your feet: New destinations and experiences, and the best travel deals!

Where can i get a spanking

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