Why men love stockings

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Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet. Had a chat with DP last night and he cannot explain why men like women in stockings and suspenders. I do not know the answer so I thought that here in mumsnet someone would come and helps us discover why. He is not sure either but thinks it is sexy but he does not know why. Anyone out there to help us please? Because in our society, they are shorthand for femininity - i.

DP says it's because it has become a sex symbol thing?? I wondered if it was the tease of the tights which blocked access? Sorry, I'm not so good with the words. HotDAMNlifeisgood: DP is not that type of man TBH and he is telling right now that he does not want me compliance, that that is not the idea at all but I can understand your point in that in some cases it may be the reason.

I just think it is very funny that a person can be turned on by something like this but I guess why men love stockings is the game. IMO it is contrast. Like the contrast between texture of breast skin and texture of nipple, it is contrast between texture of stocking and texture of soft thigh skin OK am turning myself on here, hope I don't get reported.

Also colour contrast in some cases, depending on skin colour obv. They also provide a handy framing effect - belt, suspenders, stocking tops. Let's a man know what he should be aiming for. DP saying that he likes the contrast and the glimpse of flesh too so we may be arriving to the reasons of why stockings and suspenders turn men on. Any other ideas? He just saw the light and thought that i may be also because I am wearing something sexy that I know he likes it, but he has just tried to fix it saying that I look sexy all the time. Just asked DP. He said they are old fashioned, he reckons his dad's generation would like them but none of his mates would.

DH has confessed to me that he can't understand the love some men have for elaborate underwear. I have a thing for men who wear suspenders - or 'braces' in British English - but I find 'suspenders' or garter belts in Amercian English that hold up socks a complete turn off. If a guy can't keep his socks up without help, it makes me wonder what else he won't be able to keep up. Surely lots of Women wear stockings because they are more comfortable though, maybe just maybe it's because men find Women sexually attractive, maybe a glimpse of stocking would remind them of what is above said stocking.

Also tights are quite ugly with their gussets and waistbands and whatnot, I suppose stockings have become a bit niche, but at one point they would have been the norm. STBX never bothered about them, he always said that either fully clothed and getting naked together or just being naked was sexier.

Ex H did love them though, and he said that it was because if I was wearing them then he knew he was onto a sure thing and that always turned him on I am not sure that its because they are sexy so much as tights are so un-sexy! Or it could be that we walk in a "sexy" way when wearing stockings. Its actually because we are avoiding getting thwacked in the fanny by a rogue piece of elastic but the walk might look sexy! It's not a conscious choice, it's more of a conditioned response. Like when you see, I dunno, a Galaxy wrapper, you might instantly think "Mmm! I fancy some chocolate! I found that men my own age all did not that I've sampled them all, you understand!

It IS all about conditioning. No wonder they invented pornography. Surely it's about experiences and associations? A bit like a song forever reminding us of the first occasion we heard it. We all know that can provoke a very strong emotion. Men who developed why men love stockings erotic interest in women at the time women wore stockings and suspenders are going to find stockings and suspenders erotically charged.

I think the chocolate wrapper theory is probably about right too. You see the wrapper why men love stockings anticipate the chocolate. Chiming in as a bloke, albeit an Aussie one They do nothing for me. I've never found stockings, suspenders or high heels in any way attractive. Boots with a bit of a chunky heel or wedge sandals to give a bit of extra height are fine, but the standard high heels are a turnoff.

Mind you I'm not a big fan of make-up either, so maybe I just prefer a more casual look? I wonder also if it is the framing effect: though DH doesn't like them much. I had an ex who liked them however. I give you Woody Allen films as exhibit A Matchpoint for example. Urgh, Woody Allen. He may like white shirts; he also likes shagging his stepdaughter! Example fail, plucking. It was slightly disconcerting to think of Mr Allen putting Scarlett Johanssen into a white shirt and rubbing his thighs vigorously while filming a wet shirt sequence. Already have a Mumsnet ? Log in. Talk ยป. First Next Last Go to.

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Why men love stockings

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Why men like stockings and suspenders?