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While Wickr may not carry the recognition of Tinder or Snapchat, it's quietly becoming a must-have app for sexting and cybersex. On the surface it appears like most other instant messaging apps, but a few key features make it well worth trying out if you're looking for a safe and secure cybersex experience. Wickr is an instant messaging application much like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Using end-to encryption, all messages exchanged on the app are incredibly secure, while a content-expiring feature allows users to decide how long messages, photos, and videos last before being deleted.

This is a good option for people that want to maintain a high level of privacy when sexting and chatting with others, as there aren't many apps that have wickr sex strong security measures in place like Wickr. Registering with Wickr is very easy. Simply download the application onto your smartphone device and hit the register button. Because privacy is a huge component of the application, you don't provide any personal information beyond a username known as a Wickr ID.

It's deed to keep your identity completely anonymous, adding a high level of privacy to the application.

Wickr sex

This is certainly appealing to many people that want to keep their sexting well hidden. The basic Wickr app is completely free to use.

Wickr sex

Wickr Pro is subscription-based app that is deed for networking, making it a popular choice with business organisations seeking a safe and secure way to communicate. Most people looking for sex chat on Wickr won't find the additional features on Wickr Pro that useful anyway. Wickr is an instant messaging app that lets you send messages, videos, photos, and files to other users. The main selling point of the application is that anything you send is protected by high level wickr sex security using end-to-end encryption, meaning you don't need to worry about your sensitive data getting leaked.

Another massively popular feature for the application is content auto-destruction. Much like Snapchat, anything messages, videos, photos, and files sent using Wickr are automatically destructed after a set time.

Wickr sex

Users can decide how long their messages last, from as little as a few seconds to up to six days. This a very useful feature for people that want to enjoy cybersex chat while maintaining a high level of security. You can wickr sex explicit images, videos, and messages to any of your contacts and be safe in the knowledge that they're going to be deleted shortly after. Because you use an anonymous username there is no way people can tell who you are from your name alone, which is big advantage over the likes of Snapchat.

Better still, users can exchange keys to further increase security, which is basically a quick video that verifies who they are to the other user. Wickr is great for sexting, offering possibly the most secure and private instant messaging application you can get.

The high level of anonymity is quite a wickr sex on too, as you can exchange naughty messages, photos, and videos with complete strangers. The auto-destruct feature is useful for people that want to keep their sexting as private as possible and to avoid any images or videos being copied and published online. This allows you to enjoy cybersex chat with a complete peace of mind that nobody else will see what's happening!

Wickr sex

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