Women who love pantyhose

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You do know that most black women aren't literally black so black hose will be visibly different than their skin. Nude is just the nearest color near your skin wheter you are white yellow or black, There is nude colors for all kind of people I realize black girls have different skin tones.

I was making a generalization, I apologize. Sexual Health. Girls, do you like wearing pantyhose? I know a couple girls that wear them damn near everyday and I was wondering how many other girls do? I heard a lot of girls complain that they are itchy or make their legs and feet sweat or that they can't stand the way they feel in their shoes.

Do you wear them very much and if so when and where? What are your fave color? Do you like the way they feel? From most guys point of view they are damn SEXY but I personally like when girls go bare legged but hose on a chic are hot also! Share Facebook. Girls do you like wearing pantyhose? Why or why not wear them? Add Opinion. I love them, and wear them all the time! I live in skirts,dresses and heels, and feel that they give a more finished or polished look to a womans legs. Besides that, I do enjoy they way they feel on my legs, especially the really top quality sheers.

I guess that I also have something of a hosiery addiction, and find the vintage fashions really beautiful and sexy, especially full fashioned or reinforced heel women who love pantyhose toe nylonsalong with the garter belts. I understabd why so many guys are so turned on by this, as I do have to confess to a bit of head turning myself, whenever I see a really attractive woman walk past me, and she's well dressed and wearing fine hosiery and heels.

It might be oldskool of me but I love wearing pantyhose with short dresses or skirts SassySue82 Xper 1. I like wearing pantyhose. It was more common when I was growing up and I wear them on a daily basis for my job. I like the way they feel, make my feet and legs look especially after a nice pedicure and after I have shaved my legs and they are nice women who love pantyhose smooth. My favorite colors are tan, brown and black.

I think you're thinking of black colored hose on a white woman. Nude hose can look good on white women but not on black women Same is true with black colored hose, on black women. Black hose look black on me. Show All Show Less. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why do boys prefer girls wearing pantyhose? Girlsdo you like wearing pantyhose? Girls, poll about wearing pantyhose: with or without a panty underneath?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Girlie opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. I love pantyhose. They help if it's cold and I still want to show off my legs. I usually wear sheer black because I think tho are the sexiest ; and if they get some rips that can't be sexy too. Pantyhose is never itchy for me and it's never made me sweat. Yes, I do. I tend to splurge a little to get the really top quality ones and they make me legs look attractive and feel silky to wear. The cheap stuff can be a disaster as they look awfulsag and tend to slip and fall down.

Lilyaris Xper 3. I prefer leggings, because the only reason I'd wear them is if it's cold outside and I want to wear a cute dress or something. I haven't worn pantyhose since I was BurgundyClouds Xper 5. I don't like the feeling of wearing but it does make my legs look tanner and slimmer. Where I live it's a staple to wear them if you are wearing a short dress or skirt.

The color of my skin or black. Depends on the clothes I'm wearing. Jordikinz 55 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I don't wear pantyhose unless I'm dressing up for something like church or something business like. They're easy to rip and annoying. The last time I wore them my legs broke out in a horrible case of eczema.

They can be uncomfortable, but really, if you want to look well-groomed, you have to have pantyhose we say 'tights' in the UK. I wear them every day to work, and on most of my days off, too - even under jeans sometimes! For certain outfits when its necessary I'll wear them, but personally I'd rather show some leg. I rarely wear them exepted for when I want to wear dresses or skirts in winter or when it's women who love pantyhose cold with just a pant.

I don't like it but i wear it sometimes. Related myTakes. I know plenty of Women Money Version. My Unemployment Nightmare. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Women who love pantyhose

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